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About Wisconsin Fine Artists

This site has been created by an artist for artists,
showcasing the many talents of artists living and working
in Wisconsin. Within this site we give each artist a professional, well designed web site to connect with marketing art dealers, collectors, curators, gallery managers and anyone else interested in beautiful art. Each site is designed with colors to enhance the art and the essence
of the art.

The mission of this site is to give Wisconsin artists an
online gallery for their art and to help them connect with interested buyers.

A great benefit of having your art showcased on this site is that you will easily be found in google under your own name without having to purchase a domain name.

With our exceptional service we can also help you with high quality business cards (at a reasonable price), brochures, cds, pdfs, and e-mail marketing.

Get in at the begining. Now is the time to be part of this creative resource!

Contact Wisconsin Fine Artists.

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