Kathy Boritzke Fine Artist and Mural Painter in Oconomowoc Wisconsin

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About Fine Artist Kathy Boritzke

Educated and residing in Wisconsin, the seasons become
an ever changing subject for my work. I use acrylic and
oil to create my paintings. I work in nature as well as
from photographs from my travels around the country.

I am enchanted, fascinated by the essence of color
and light in nature and landscape. The observations of
my gardens and those I have traveled to provide the
basis for my inspirations.

There is a secret
hidden amongst the shadows.
We pause in our movement forward in time,
as it takes our breath away
for a few fleeting moments.

I hope my paintings transend you from the world
as it is to that special place.

All paintings are available on canvas or as a print.
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kathy Boritzke fine art wisconsin artist painting
Poppies 36" x 24"
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